Wheel Walkers Inc. is the best provider of knee walkers rentals in Toronto and surrounding locations.  We works with third-party delivery services to provide prompt and timely deliver of mobility devices rentals across the GTA. If you are seeking a knee walker rental in the GTA and beyond, we can provide delivery to you.

Accordingly, we will delivery a knee walker within 2 to 3 hours, or less, of order confirmation. Alternatively, devices can be retrieved at no extra charge from either of the two addresses noted on our homepage. Please call in advance as pick-ups are by appointment only. 

We Supply Knee Rover Knee Walker Scooters for Rent in Toronto.  Knee Walkers for Sale on our Site as Well.  If You Require A Knee Walker To Recover From an Injury or Surgery, and Crutches Are Not Adequate For You, We Have The Knee Walker for Your Rental or Purchase NeedsOur Knee Walkers Are An Excellent Alternative to Crutches, And Provide for Freedom and Independence While Recovering From An Injury.   We Have Fast Delivery Times, Flexible Rental Periods, And Prompt Service. 

Here is an interesting research study from a medical journal on the benefits of the knee walker scooter over traditional crutches: