Two-Button Folding Walker (With or Without Wheels)


Product Description

The folding walker mobility device depicted in this picture comes with grip tips only (no wheels).  Two-wheels can be placed on this mobility device to replace the tips. This is a great device for people recovering from injuries that require stability to start walking again.  This folding walker is equipped with the following features: 


  • The folding walker has a 22.5" width, so it can easily move through standard door openings;
  • It has pegs that can adjust the height from 30" to 37"; 
  • Each side operates independently to allow easy movement through narrow spaces and greater stability while standing
  • Easy push-button mechanisms may be operated by fingers, palms or side of hand
  • Sturdy 1" diameter, aluminum construction ensures maximum strength while remaining lightweight
  • Unique U-shaped frame design creates greater clearance

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