Device Return Instructions

Customers are responsible for coordinating return of devices. Devices can be returned to the driveway of 220 Viewmount Avenue (residential address).  Please send an email to when the device is returned.

To arrange for the device to be picked up from your address, we recommend using our preferred courier service, Uber package. This feature can be accessed in your Uber app. If returning the device by Uber Package, please notify the driver to "place the device on the driveway against the garage" and the phone number 647-838-6740 can be notified upon delivery. 

How to use Uber package: 

1. Open the Uber app and select "Package" from the main page. 


2. Select "Send a package" 

3. Type in the address you would like the device picked up from and the address you would like the device to be dropped off at (220 Viewmount Avenue). 

4. Select "Choose Package Express" 


5. Select "Confirm Pickup"