Four-Wheeled Durable Mobility Rollator Walker PCP Mobility

Four-Wheeled Durable Mobility Rollator Walker

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This Lightweight Rollator by PCP Mobility Is Available in the Wheel Walkers Online Mobility Aid Store for Rent or Purchase.  This Durable Four-Wheeled Rollator Walker is Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use and it Includes the Following Features:

  • Adjustable height handles with comfortable molded handgrips adjusts: 30-Inch-36-Inch;
  • Loop-type locking cable brakes operate on rear wheels angled for those with dexterity issues;
  • Rugged, high-impact plastic seat, 16" x 10" (41 x 25 cm), folds for easy transport and storage;
  • Removable nylon and mesh carrying bag immediately beneath seat; can stay in position when unit is folded.
  • Smooth rolling 8" (20 cm) wheels suitable for all terrains
  • Weighs less than 30-Pounds. It is also very suitable for indoor use; and
  • Weight limit 250-lb.  


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