TO RENT OR TO BUY: The Best Option for Obtaining your Knee Scooter

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You’ve injured your leg or ankle and you’re laid up at your house, pretty soon you realize that staying in bed for the duration of your recover just isn’t an option. Everyone needs to get around after all. But are you really going to have to ride around on a wheelchair, or contend with the frustration of crutches? No, you’ve decided you’re going to get a knee scooter instead – the only decision to make now is whether to rent one, or buy it outright.

Why You Rent

After all is a temporary injury, provided everything goes well you should be back on your feet in a couple of weeks or months. If finances are preventing you from investing in a KneeRover then renting is a great stopgap option. It can even allow you to purchase a newer model with better features than you’d otherwise purchase.

Generally a rental will also offer flexible terms so you’re able to extend the length of your lease period depending on the duration of your injury; and of course your rates will be dependent upon how long you need the knee scooter for. In some instances it is cheaper to buy a KneeRover then to rent. 

Why You Buy

With the purchase of a Knee Scooter you get safety, security and choice. While we plan for temporary setbacks serious injuries can often take a long time to heal. With the purchase of a KneeRover fresh from the store you can make sure you pick up a model that fits your needs, whether you’re an avid walker and want something all-terrain or you’re simply looking for some help with the daily grocery shop.

New KneeRovers will come with a warranty and guarantee of workmanship so you can use them with ease, regardless of how long you’re out of commission. When you do get better you can store yours away, safe in the knowledge that you have a backup plan, or you can sell your knee scooter on to recoup your investment.


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