Choosing the Right Knee Walker for your Injured Foot or Ankle

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The Knee Walker device is great for individuals that have suffered an injury to their foot, ankle, or leg, and required to be non-weight bearing.  The independence and freedom provided by the knee walker, combined with the relief it provide compared to crutches, makes it a superior device.

The features of the knee walker, as shown in the above image, include the following:

- Adjustable hand-brake with wheel locks to remain stationary;

-Easy clean rubber grips;

-A thick contoured knee pad/platform for comfort;

-7" or 8" non-marking rubber wheels;

-Basket for storage. 

There are a number of models of knee walkers on the market, and as shown on our websiteA brief description of our three (3) top-selling models is noted below:

-The knee rover knee walker for small adults or children are typically suitable for individuals up to 5'4" in height with a 160 lb. weight capacity.  As this device is generally smaller and lower to the ground, it does not have sufficient durability for a typical adult.  

-The knee rover durable all-wheel drive knee walker is a great choice for those that intend to bring the knee walker onto more dense terrain and continue living an active lifestyle. The 12" pneumatic tires absorb ground shock making for a more comfortable ride in harsher ground conditions.

-The economy knee walker is our best selling product.  Durable enough for indoor and outdoor use while lightweight and transportable, this is ideal for most adults seeking to rent a knee walker during their injury recovery. 

If you require more information on knee walkers in general or the mobility device rental process, feel free to contact Wheel Walkers by email at or directly by phone at 647-838-6740.  Thank you!

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