Why Rent a Knee Walker?

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After experiencing a difficult injury such as an injured ankle or foot, one can feel dejected and down.  Hospital emergency room clinics typically supply crutches and air casts to discharged patients.  After a few days at home using crutches, your arms will be tired, and you will typically be averse to venture outside, or really moving around at all.  Not only does the knee walker make it easier to move around - it gives a sense of freedom, adventure, and independence that is not possible with crutches.

There are various types of knee walker models. The most important consideration is to obtain a device for you - all of them work quite well in terms of providing mobility and stability. For those more adventurous types whom wish to spend ample time outdoors, a more durable knee walker, labeled an all-terrain knee walker is generally advisable - with larger pneumatic wheels, it better absorbs ground shocks and is more suitable for outdoor navigation.  That said, the economy knee walker with plastic casters can also perform satisfactorily for outdoor use, though it is not recommended for long distances.

How Did I Discover the Knee Walker?

When I broke my ankle on the tennis court (a day before my honeymoon trip with my wife, which was subsequently deferred), I discovered the knee walker.  Though I live close to the major hospitals in downtown Toronto along University Avenue, there were no mobility device stores around to serve my needs.  When I experienced the knee walker during my injury recovery, I knew that I would have to share its benefits with others.

So, I started Wheel Walkers.  It is a local business designed to provide mobility for YOU. Typically, invoices for eligible medical expenses can be reimbursed by insurance companies, subject to the policy coverage, and your expense can be reported as a tax deduction on your income tax returns. I am not an insurance specialist or an accountant, so please consult your professionals to verify your eligibility for the above. 

If you are having financial difficulty and the device is not covered, I am happy to work with you to ensure you can obtain mobility without financial distress.  Thank you for reading!

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